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And then my soul saw you and it kind of went, “Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.” 

This is an exciting moment in your life and you are here, reading these words because you have found The person you have been looking all over for.


Maybe you have crossed land and sea to find this treasure, or perhaps in some cultural connection or quirky part of yourself you found the perfect complement  to the unique you.  There has been an interesting Romance that has inspired you in some very special way to think of more, inspiring you to be more than the sum of your own parts and to embark on 'Togetherness' with a special mate to your soul.


If you could write a letter to your future married self, lets say 10 years in the future, reflecting on the moments that made you smile on your wedding day and how that day felt like a dream...  What would you remember?


We'd love to be a part of making that memory...


One H’ART Events is a Nationwide Wedding Planning/ Coordination, Event Planning and Event Design firm that specializes in providing an Inspired event experience for Everyone..


With a varied portfolio which includes Weddings, Couture Styling,and Specialty Events we have developed a keen sense of honing in on the creative pulse of that special moment.


The idea is simple, we believe every couple has a story waiting to be told, that's what we love bringing to life!


 Whether its a special Cultural element,  Theme, or  Couture  styling , ONE H’ART takes this journey with you at every step.  By understanding your unique personality we build your dream around you as we provide you with years of event management experience at your fingertips. You have a vision, we help you make it come true!


Just like you, no two events are alike, so every service is completely customizable.


We hope to welcome you to the ONE H’ART family and thank you very much for entrusting your dreams with us.


It is time to write the next chapter in your romance, We do…ONE H’ART at a time!

Making Dreams Come True

Sumeta has been producing events throughout the United States for over 10 years.  Her story began as an Event Manager for Community and Bridal events which led to tremendous success, including co-Producing Atlanta’s first ever International Wedding Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center and supporting the Piedmont Park Conservancy’s Annual Fundraising Gala, and further into the International fashion and stage scene, collaborating with The Bollywood Closet, exclusive brand ambassador to the visionary designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.


With a passion to create and see dreams come true, ONE H’ART was established.   We believe in the value of ' heart'  in Event Planning and capture the story in every Wedding/Event. Sumeta and her team of creatives give you  an experience that lasts well after that last bite of wedding cake in your getaway car!


Kindness matters, creativity matters -YOU matter!

Sumeta Satija
Managing Director
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